VISI provides Medals in Italy VISI provides Medals in Italy VISI provides Medals in Italy VISI provides Medals in Italy VISI provides Medals in Italy VISI provides Medals in Italy

VISI Provides Medals Of Show Visitors’ Faces

VISI software combined with Hexagon Metrology and Heidenhain Italiana to give a truly personal and memorable experience to visitors at an industry trade fair, in the form of a milled medal of their face.

Sitting in an old-style barber’s chair, visitors to VISI’s Italian reseller, Vero Solutions Srl’s, on Heidenhain Italiana booth at the A & T Exhibition in Turin, had their faces laser scanned by Check Solutions with Hexagon Metrology. The information was processed and imported into VISI, which created toolpaths using the Waveform machining option.

The tool used in the process was distributed by LMT/Sorma, with presetting made by Speroni, who also provided complete tool life management. Fourth-year students from the CNOS-FAP Institute in Turin prepared the Ergal stock medal ready for milling on a GF Mikron vertical milling centre with a Heidenhain TNC 620 controller.

When the medal was ready, the visitor was emailed by Vero’s WORKPLAN management system to collect the medal from the booth.
The A & T Exhibition is the specialist Italian trade fair for Industry 4.0, and the country’s reference show for manufacturing industries, system integrators and research centres. Nicoletta Gianotti, Vero Solutions Srl’s Marketing Manager, says: “With the Ergal stocks being provided by Commerciale Fond, and the coolant for the operation from, Blaser Swisslube, the overall project was a perfect synergy of different companies to create a complete Industry 4.0 process.”

She adds that as well as being delighted with the milled medals of their faces, visitors were also impressed with VISI’s freedom, speed and ease for mould makers. “Those three words wholly describe VISI, which we clearly demonstrated as being a powerful design and manufacturing tool, reducing production time and costs.”



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