First Public Showing for Vero In Thailand

Vero Software chose the International Mould Exhibition (Intermold) 2017 for its first public showing in Thailand.

Specializing in mould design and manufacturing, the Intermold show was the perfect event for Vero to demonstrate its VISI, WORKNC and EDGECAM CAD/CAM solutions since its recent establishment in the Thai market.

Lee Moosoo, Vero’s APAC Regional Manager, says visitors to the Vero stand were particularly impressed with the machined samples on show.

"Talking to people at the exhibition, we were able to fully understand their needs in terms of how they need to improve productivity. And we are now in a position to work towards meeting their various demands with Vero’s excellent software technology and stable service.”

VISI is an integrated CAD / CAM solution for mould design and machining. It supports a wide range of machining strategy from 2-axis,  3-axis and 5-axis machining, along with modeling environments that fully support wireframe to surface and solid. It is applicable to all parts of the mould industry with excellent data compatibility and specialized expertise such as a flow module specialized for injection mould and a progressive mould module for progressing sheet metal unfolding with molding analysis function.

WORKNC is an automated CAD/CAM solution for high-quality, reliable NC data creation which Lee Moosoo says users can immediately work with. “Users can automatically create their own machining data and share machining know-how.

“And machining time can be reduced by up to 80% with Vero’s Waveform Roughing technology, thanks to its larger Z steps  and constant cutting feed rate.”



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