Vero Solutions On Show At Italian Trade Exhibition

An official distributor of global CAD/CAM provider, Vero Software, will demonstrate the latest software solutions at the MECSPE international exhibition in Parma, Italy, from 17th – 19th March.
Italian company ‘VERO SOLUTIONS Srl’ will present the latest versions of VISI, PEPS and Machining STRATEGIST (on Pavilion 6, Booth C31) with a strong focus on Mould and Die requirements in particular.

The latest version of VISI delivers a number of enhancements to the graphical user interface (GUI), and has major updates for sketching and element editing. PEPS is a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system based upon an integrated suite of software with facilities for designing geometrical models with its in-built CAD drawing tools or importing models from external CAD systems, and CNC part programming. Machining STRATEGIST is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from the complex shapes generated by all major 3D modelling systems.

In addition to their official booth at Pavilion 6, VERO SOLUTIONS Srl will also be on the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence stand (Pavilion 5 booth G49). Here, they will be showcasing VISI Modelling as a starting point on a production line consisting of a 3D printer for prototyping, a measuring machine and a robot for piece manipulation. All measurements will be analysed by statistical software.

VISI Machining 5-axis will also be demonstrated at the "Digital Factory - beyond automation©" (Pavilion 5 booth H31). The initiative shows the pivotal role played by advanced production technologies in the various sectors and application settings. The production line will include rim processing on a 5-axis machine tool (toolpath generated and simulated by VISI Machining), robotised automation, measuring and certification cell, automated handling of production, warehouse and palletising logistics.

MECSPE is the reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry; the meeting point between production technologies and industrial supply chains, thanks to the synergy among the 8 trade shows that take place at the same time.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Giovanni Piccoli of VERO SOLUTIONS Srl said: “We are really excited to have the opportunity to present the new functionality in each of these solutions from Vero Software. The idea is to show the capabilities of our solutions in a way that demonstrates to visitors how our software can benefit them in a production line setting”.

MECSPE will take place over 3 days from Thursday, 17th to Saturday 19th March 2016 in Parma.

More information about the MECSPE Exhibition including full venue location and times can be found at:


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