VISI And Meusburger To Showcase Collaboration At Swiss Open House

VISI, a leading CAD/CAM solution for the Mould and Die industries, will collaborate with a global manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts at an open house in Switzerland on March 17th 2016.

Meusbuger is one of the main suppliers of standard elements for the Mould and Die making sectors and as a result, has significant integration with VISI CAD/CAM software. As part of an ongoing roadshow, they will be holding an open house in Fribourg, Switzerland, where the latest products and technology from VISI Software will also be presented.

With a large number of joint customers, VISI will be working in collaboration with Meusburger at the event where they will unveil their 2016 R1 release of the software. This is a substantial release for VISI, with many new features in all areas of the product helping to keep a continued emphasis on solutions for Mould Tool and Die makers.

Commenting on the upcoming event, VISI’s Sales Manager in France, Antonio Parisse says: “Taking into account that we have a large number of joint customers, it's important that we work in collaboration with Meusburger as a partner in the eyes of our customers. We want to highlight the advantages for users to have direct access to Meusburger standard element catalogues from within VISI and provide the correct product references (directly accessible in VISI bills of materials) in order to automatically insert all VISI intelligent components to create cavities in solids”.

The Open House Is taking place at:  Haute Ecole d‘ingénierie et d‘architecture de Fribourg- Bd de Pérolles 80 - CH-1705 Fribourg – Switzerland.  March 17th 2016.

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