JEC World: Vero Software to demonstrate new solutions for the Composite industry

Global CAD/CAM provider, Vero Software, will demonstrate a number of their latest releases at the JEC World trade show in France, with the focus on establishing further key partnerships and opportunities with businesses and professionals around the world.  

JEC World 2016, has become the largest international show of the composite industry in recent years, with more key individuals and companies expected than ever before. The show presents recent innovations and developments from more than 1,300 exhibitors from 100 different countries.

Vero will be exhibiting the latest software solutions from their world renowned brands including VISI, WORKNC and WORKPLAN. Each brand will be showcasing the latest release; all of which are perfectly adapted to composite materials. Vero will be sharing their stand with parent company, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, in Hall 5A/Booth P62.

VISI 2016 R1
VISI is a fully integrated CAD/CAM software system, tailored to design mould for composites parts using 2D and 3D developments. The latest 2016 R1 release will showcase VISI Modelling which offers complete flexibility to construct, edit or repair the most complex 3D data. Dynamic operation previews in VISI Mould now provide the designer with a 'real time' view of how component changes will affect the tool design. VISI 2016 R1 will also demonstrate mould design of composite parts, blank form development within a few minutes and advanced modelling deformation. The advanced modelling tools are capable of deforming geometry while maintaining model integrity and holding. VISI 2016 R1 represents another release with major CAM developments covering 2D and 3D milling updates.

WORKNC is a CAM system which can program 2 to 5-Axis machines and is well known in the mould and die industries. WORKNC is tailored to mill carbon fibre dies or trimming composites components and the latest V24 release can be found on the Vero stand. With the new rest material display function, it makes the process a lot easier to determine small zones or pockets that still need to be machined on large models or complex parts.

Toolpath safety has been further enhanced in relation to cutting tools. In 3-Axis and 3+2 axis machining modes, the WORKNC collision detection module will indicate to the user the shortest possible cutter that can be used. For 5 axis machining, the Auto5 module will determine the best possible conditions for a user defined cutting tool. The assembled toolpaths which allow users to control transitions between toolpaths before post processing has been further developed in V24 to process 3+2 modes and machines with tilted heads. The new variable Z step option generates smoother trajectories along with enhanced optimisation offering improved surface finish quality and further gains in productivity.

WORKPLAN, the ERP system of Vero, will also demonstrate the most recent 2016 R1 release; showing the new modules and functionalities of the software including the brand new project management process – Workflow, as well as 3D integration and CAD data integration from quote through to shop floor. These types of enhancements are just some of the reasons why WORKPLAN has already built a good solid reputation with big references in the composite area. Customers using WORKPLAN have been able to tailor the software to completely fit their needs and follow their in-house processes related to the complexity of handling the projects they deliver to their final customers. Visitors to the stand will see how WORKPLAN can benefit them too.

Sled On Display
A skeleton sled from Bromley Sports (Britain’s number one skeleton racer for the last 20 years) was machined with VISI CAD/CAM will also be on display. The Skeleton sled contains more than 60 carbon fibre and stainless steel components. Bromley Sports, along with Vero Software products, also use Hexagon MI’s ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated laser scanner to reverse engineer the athlete’s form.

Commenting on the show, Vero’s Marketing Coordinator in France, Samantha Mayet says: “Being present at the JEC World trade show is clearly the opportunity for Vero to establish partnerships and discuss the opportunities of business development not only in France but also in other countries where we are present like Germany, UK, Italy, and Portugal.”

The JEC World Trade Show runs from the 8th – 10th March 2016 in Paris and attendees can register at:


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