Vero’s Powerful Solutions To Keep Midi-Pyrénées Boom Going

Three game-changing Vero Software CAD/CAM brands will be on show at the Siane 2015 trade fair in Toulouse, France, between October 20 and 22.

The Midi-Pyrénées region is currently experiencing an economic boom, especially in the aeronautic and aerospace sectors which employ 75,000 people at 550 companies. As well as those two industries, the Siane show also attracts representatives from other fields, including automotive, medical and electronics.

Samantha Mayet, Vero’s Marketing Co-ordinator in France, says this makes the exhibition a perfect showcase for the latest releases of EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC.

“Quality is of paramount importance for aeronautic, automotive and medical components to meet special technological challenges specific to these industries. For example, the use of lightweight composite materials or extremely hard alloys, machining of very complex forms, milling and turning very large parts, removal of large amounts of material on structural parts, and machining parts featuring very thin walls.”

EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC’s powerful functions offer solutions to all these requirements, and will be on show at Vero’s booth: V46, in Hall 6.

The latest version of EDGECAM, the leading CAM solution for milling in the serial production field and in multi-axis turning, offers a wide range of CAD and CAM improvements concerning milling, turning and wire EDM such as multi-spindle turning, a new 5-axis manifold machining module and time savings on drilling cycles. New features include the integration of M & H probes, threading simulation, a new machine configuration allowing turning operations on a milling centre, and the addition of CAD links for Creo Parametric files, along with turning management of the central axis counter spindle offset.

WORKNC, the CAD/CAM solution for 2- through to 5-axis machining, is renowned for reliability and safe toolpaths thanks to all-inclusive collision verifications which take into account the cutting tool, the tool holder and full machine simulation including kinematics.  WORKNC V24 is aimed at improving CAM operator productivity along with machining quality.

The new 'Rest Material Display' function, a genuine analysis tool, is a valuable aid for programmers looking to reduce preparation times. It allows rapid evaluation of the different thicknesses of material that remains to be machined on the model, indicated by a user defined colour code. On large models and extremely complex geometries, it is now simple to determine the small areas and pockets that still need to be machined.

Other innovative functions include symmetry commands, reading hole features from native NX files, faster collision detection calculations covering the machining environment, the tool holder, the stock model and the milling machine itself, along with new STL file processing functions.

VISI 2016 R1:
VISI is a leading solution for mould and tooling design thanks to its powerful hybrid modeler capable of handling solid, surface and wireframe entities. VISI has always been at the forefront of managing large volumes of CAD data.

Visitors to booth V46 in Hall 6 at the Siane trade fair will be able to see improvements made to key functions allowing components to be modified quicker and more efficiently.

The cooling system now automatically notifies and manages all CAD transformation commands in VISI Mould; and time is saved in VISI Progress by being able to see modifications to the original part, automatically on the strip without having to rebuild it.

In VISI Machining, a new 3-axis 64 bit engine ensures that users can exploit the full power of their PC, while 2.5-axis benefits from an improved mill function after the clearance pass, along with improved linking on pocket operations when using In to Out step-over, and reduced calculation times for facemill, pocket, mill and remachining operations.

And an enhanced migration tool, executed at the end of the VISI 2016 R1 installation process, provides an automatic settings/configurations update from previous releases.
Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm
Visitors to the Vero booth will also be able to meet EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC’s recently appointed Sales Engineer, Pierre AUGUSTIN, who is covering the south west area of France (Languedoc Rousillon, Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitoux Charentes).

In addition a Hexagon Metrology 'Romer Absolute Arm Compact' measuring arm will be shown on the booth.

Also, a pilot's helmet machined with the WORKNC V24 is being exhibited on the Hexagon Metrology stand; Hall 6 Stand V34. This part is being used to demonstrate Hexagon 'Romer Absolute Arm' measuring arms and laser scanners, along with other devices in the product range.
“It will show visitors how quality control measuring devices developed by Hexagon Metrology, and the Vero Software CAM solutions are technologically complementary,” says Samantha Mayet. “The association of sensing (measuring), thinking (data analysis) and acting (CAM), means that users can avoid errors before they actually happen leading to unequalled levels of quality and productivity.”

Vero, EDGECAM, VISI, WORKNC: Hall 6, Booth V46
Hexagon Metrology: Hall 6, Booth V34.



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