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VISI Machining

3+2 Machining and 5-Axis toolpaths on a DMU 85 monoBLOCK

Inspiring through innovation – VISI, EDGECAM and Hexagon Metrology all exhibited their latest software and a portable measuring arm at Seco Tools’ manufacturing best practice event. The 2-day event highlights innovation from a number of manufacturing aspects, including automation, CAD/CAM, cutting fluids and equipment, machine tools, metrology and inspection, rapid prototyping, and work holding and rotary tables. 

VISI was used to manufacture a scaled down Formula 1 car on the DMU 85 monoBLOCK while EDGECAM demonstrated Waveform turning cycles on a DMG Mori CTX 1250.

Strategic Partnership Manager for Hexagon, Wesley Tonks says:  “It’s great to be part of this Open House which grows from strength year on year, giving a great platform to meet with existing and new users, providing the opportunity to see and discuss Hexagon programming capabilities. But it doesn’t stop there; once a part has been machined it very often needs to be measured. With the presence of Hexagon Metrology, we give the visitor an opportunity to increase their level of productivity in the manufacturing process.”

VISI in action:


VISI Machining specs - For a more detailed description of the machining cycles, speeds / feeds, tooling and DMU85 monoBLOCK specification, please download the VISI datasheet.

VISI Datasheet