Vero’s Progressive Dies Solution To Feature At LAMIERA

Visitors to the LAMIERA exhibition in Milan will see the complete design solution for progressive dies and press tools from Vero Software.

Vero Solutions Srl are featuring the market-leading mould and die software, VISI, on booth C48, Pad 13, from May 17-20, hosted by PROCAM Srl.

Giovanni Piccoli, from Vero Solutions Srl, says VISI provides the answer for model analysis and quoting, part unfolding and blank development, through to 3D die design and manufacture.

“Deep drawing, linear and non-linear unfolding and flange development are all managed with a hybrid algorithm based on a combination of analytic and FEM solvers.”

Other features of Vero’s specific progressive dies design solution to be shown at LAMIERA – the international metal forming machine tool industry exhibition – include:
•    Calculation of the neutral fibre with mixed or variable values, or from extensive material databases
•    Automatic skin extraction from a solid model
•    Feature management for ribs, bosses and coining
•    Animation of the forming action
•    Punch creation with automatic slug clearance holes for all tool assembly plates
•    Develop blank onto binder surface or Z-level strip plane.

As an official Vero Software distributor, Vero Solutions Srl will also be a guest on the Procam booth with VISI solutions. On the same booth it is possible to see two other solutions from Vero Software – RADAN and WORKPLAN.

PROCAM Srl,  Pad 13, booth C48, LAMIERA, Milan, May 17-20.


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